CREATE book launch by Maija Fast


The book launch event of Maija Fast’s CREATE Crack the Cast – Become the Creative Leader You Want to Be took place in the violin shop gallery on January 27th 2023. The event was a huge success with the art exhibition opening of Jenni Emilia, music by Nana Yhtye and improvisation theatre by Salaiset ansiot and a lot of guests.

Having written a book about creative leadership Maija wanted the book launch to be creative too. We had about 150 guests who were both old and new friends and people whom we had never met before but who were excited about the topic and the interesting event. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and we enjoyed pink bubbles and beautiful cupcakes by Anni Fast that were colour coded with the book cover and the CREATE formula. 

Imagine Music by Dasha Pears

The Imagine Music art exhibition by Dasha Pears opened with a very special event. We had the pleasure to enjoy probably the first ever catwalk fashion show in a violin shop by the very talented Juulia Peuhkuri. Juulia’s dresses were featured in Dasha’s Imagine Music photos. The fashion show was accompanied by live classical violin music by Nana yhtye. 

The talented Greek couple Chrysa Panayiotopoulou and Thanasis Gotsopoulou opened the evening with their own greek influenced music. We also has Nana yhtye perform their original compositions for voice and violin. Pavluu pop-up restaurant brought colourful vegan food on the table and Salama Brewing company provided interesting Finnish micro brewery white and black stout to the event.

The surreal music inspired images by Dasha Pears will be on the walls of Gallery Fast Creative until 15.5.2020.

The pieces of art are available through Gallery Fast Creative art shop.

Creatures of Nature exhibition

The beautiful Creatures of Nature art exhibition was opened with a warm event Friday 16th August. Creatures of Nature is collaboration between two artists: international award winning photographer Mikaela Holmberg and award winning floral artist Päivi Lehti. They work in seamless cooperation creating fine art photography with a deep message. They are drawing a story of the future; they want to draw attention to a sustainable future where our children play the key role. The models are girls in the ages of 9 to 11. They are our future.

At the opening event we had the tasty Urban Bakery Helsinki; Create Your Own Sandwich pop-up café created by Kirsi Asposalo and Taidetöölö music teacher Milla Mäkinen played guitar and sang bossanova. 

These fairytale like portraits will be on the walls of  Gallery Fast Creative until 30.1.2020.

The pieces of art are available through Gallery Fast Creative art shop.

Flower Power by Johanna Souru

We had a warm, flowery event in How Violins and Gallery Fast Creative during the Meklu street party, which was celebrated to finalize the roadworks on Mechelininkatu. The heart of our involvement in the event was the Johanna Souru art exhibition, Flower Power, which will be in the gallery from  May 11th to August 15th. The light flowery watercolours were accompanied by Wild Things pop-up flower shop and the delicious pop-up café with flowery tastes by Sanna Autere author of the cook book: "Vege Sato! Maailman parhaat maut satokauden kasviksista."

We had the pleasure to have the music teachers of Taidetöölö Music School play for us. Meklun katubileet brought us the lovely Horse & Carriage outside our shop and gallery. 


Animal Power by Krista Marleena and Rasaliina Seppälä

Krista Marleena’s characteristic ceramic Power Animals are accompanied by Rasaliina Seppälä’s forest animal paintings in Gallery Fast Creative in How Violins 18th January to 10th May 2019. 

January 18th we had a wonderful event with art, music, delicious food and loving atmosphere. We had about 300 people joining us for the beautiful art exhibition opening of Krista Marleena and Rasaliina, concert by Nana yhtye with Milena Törmi and Tina Nikku and a delicious pop-up restaurant by Urban Bakery Helsinki run by Kirsi and Niko Asposalo. 

Thank you to everyone for participating! 

Manuela Bosco – Talk to Us About Love May 2018

Manuela Bosco art exhibition Talk to Us About Love was exhibited in Gallery Fast Creative 24.5.-20.6.2018 and was available for purchase through Fast Creative Art Shop

Talk to Us About Love was a tribute to love. Holy spaces and buildings: temples and cathedrals, midsummer magic, garden parties with friends, oriental living rooms, and bodies of beloved ones tied into a tight knot with each other represent a home of the soul, where the most holy is present.

Manuela Bosco is a Finnish-Italian artist, actress and former top athlete. She has two degrees in art, one in art theory from Jyväskylä University and one in performing art from Rome. She thinks that real art is something that you do not learn technically, but is given to you as a gift through surrendering and opening up. When her first child was born she got a strong internal need to paint. That changed the direction of her life and she is now focusing on painting for her living. 

 ” The most beautiful in life is Connection, without it we don’t have anything. That’s what my art speaks about.”

Lifting Female Leaders! Energetic Influencing! April 2018

Friday April 13th we had our latest event for female leaders and influencers.


50 influencial women came together to participate in an interesting event focusing on creating and sustaining positive energy. This was the opening of the photo exhibition: Naisjohtajat esiin! Keksi Agency’s campaign for lifting the profile of female leaders in Finland.

Deputy Major of Helsinki Sanna Vesikansa opened the event with a presentation about inspirational influencing. Creative Director Natalia Baer from Keksi Agency told about the routs of the campaign where 365 female leaders where photographed. 

Heli Backman and Nina Karlsson from Energy coaching took us on a journey of energy leadership in an activating and inspirational workshop. 

Composer Cecilia Damström told about her breath taking piece “Sydänlaulu” Heart song and opened up the very personal and beautiful story behind it. Violinist Linda Hedlund played the piece as a an amazing violin solo. The participants had also a chance to familiarize with violin making and to try out stringed instruments guided by violin maker Guy How from How Violins.

Big thank you to all participants! You made the evening unforgettable!

The powerful and warm women are on the walls of  Gallery Fast Creative until 24.5.2018.

Following amazing women were on the walls of Gallery Fast Creative /
How Violinsin 13.4.-24.5.2018:

Emilia Mikkola 

Production Manager

Flow Festival Oy

Riikka Venäläinen 

Editor in Chief


Edem Agbekey-Taylor  

Wellbeing Entrepreneur

Inkuto Organics

Henrika Nybondas-Kangas 

Negotiations Manager

KT Kuntatyönantajat

Essi Kivitie 


Rähinä Records

Annika Sucksdorff  

Producer and CEO

Helsinki-filmi Oy

Tarja Paanola  

Sales Director

Workspace Oy

Sanna Marin  

Member of Parliament

Parliament of Finland

Yacine Samb 

Marketing Manager


Yacine Samb, image credit Mikael Ahlfors.

Underwater Dreams Elina Manninen & Johanna Nordblad October 2017

The Underwater Dreams event and art exhibition opening was an amazing dive into the unknown.

We had 250 guests experiencing underwater dreams on canvas and a marvellous violin concert starring Linda Hedlund and Anne Somero. We enjoyed delicious mediterranean food from a pop-up restaurant by Kirsi Asposalo and had our hair beautifully mastered by Juha Tolonen in our pop-up barbershop. Guy How also introduced us to violin making.

Thank you to all participants!

The amazing art was on the walls of Gallery Fast Creative 13.10.2017-12.04.2018. The unique limited edition is still for sale in our art webshop.

Exotic concert and pop-up atelier December 2016

Liisa Rasinkangas was the first one to exhibit her art in Gallery Fast Creative. This time we brought in a vibrant set of dance and music to be accompanied with the beautiful stringed instruments. The dancing teachers Nadja and Daniel delighted us with tango with live violin and harp music played by Linda Hedlund (violin) and Lily-Marlene Puusepp (harp). The artist herself painted the dance performance live and made intuitive portraits of guests who wanted to be immortalised. We also enjoyed the performance of Antonio Alemanno (base and citra) and Peppe Frana (fram drum). Guy How added on the experience with a rehair show in his workshop and people had the chance to try instruments if they wished.  The event was very much appreciated by the audience and the experience was said to be “as it was in a movie”.

Gallery Fast Creative Opening December 2016

Gallery Fast Creative was established in the How Violins stringed instrument shop in 2016. It started an era of art and events with pleasures for all senses in the violin shop gallery. By bringing art into the beautiful boutique we bring a comprehensive experience to every customer who steps into the space. Art accompanies the beautiful hand made stringed instruments in a balanced way. 

Women’s Empowerment Session and Violin Making show September 2015

We had a women’s development event. We had coaching for empowering women and combined it with a violin show. Guy How talked about violin making and Linda Hedlund played different instruments and the participants guessed which instruments were the most expensive. Interestingly every instrument sounds great in the hands of a talented player and many evaluated the cheapest to be most expensive while hearing Linda play. The value of the instruments is, however, not measured by how the instrument sounds but by many different factors that a professional violin maker can see. 

Children’s Dream Event May 2014 & 2015

Maija Fast was the main organiser of two Children’s Dream events with thousands of participants in Kannelmäki in 2014 and 2015. Maija collaborated with Kanneltalo and plenty of individual citizens and local companies to organise these events. It was a flow of people who wanted to participate and we had plenty of workshops, music, play, popup restaurants and a lot of fun. The events were inspired by the Dream Statue which was moved from Kallio to Kannelmäki by HAM Helsinki Art Museum in 2013 at the instigation of Maija Fast. The Dream statue started to live its own life and we launched plenty of activities around the theme of Dreaming Big in Kannelmäki. The Children’s Dreams were one manifestation of it with dreams of children being asked and fulfilled without budget but with a lot of collaboration and sponsors.