• Do you feel that you have more to give than your organisation is ready for?
  • Are you frustrated that day-to-day creativity and innovation are not championed even though they are touted as strategic objectives?
  • Do you want to be your authentic self at work and embrace your strengths?

I have a passion for helping you, your team and your organisation to find your kind of creativity. I have noticed while working in many different fields internationally that the people who were the most creative were greeted with open arms into organisations. Everybody wanted to have their share of the sparkly, creative energy that they brought in. But when there starts to be a possibility for change happening, influenced by their creative energy, the resistance begins. I have seen as a leader and coach so many creative people being first very excited, then feeling defeated, and then moving on – only to find the same pattern being repeated in the new organisation.


How can you play with your strengths and be the best, creative version of yourself?


The Leading Creativity blog is written based on my book CREATE Crack the Cast – Become the Creative Leader You Want to Be. My target is to take creative people and leaders from feeling inadequate and wrong to the point where they can see their strengths and worth through self-knowledge and respect, whilst keeping an open mindset. 

This blog series and my book can also lure out your creativity if you are fighting against it, thinking that you are not creative. Find your creativity. When you are there, you are ready to enable and lead others creatively by respecting the strengths of others and seeing endless opportunities. I am on this journey, and I am happy to guide you along your way too.

Creativity is mentioned in all lists of most important future working skills and yet it is, in my experience, undervalued in business organisations. Every organisation claims to be innovative, but are the organisation cultures supporting innovation? A lot of knowledge and skills are underused when people try to be something they are not. When you get the real strengths of people being used, both people and organisations thrive. 

Creativity is not something soft and fluffy, but a hardcore skill that provides organisations with innovative solutions. Creativity can be expressed through painting or music or in other artistic ways, but creativity is not art – it is a mindset. It is also not something that you have or don’t have. You can practice using your creativity and become the spark that your surroundings or organisation needs to blossom and succeed.

There is no such thing as creative or non-creative people,
only people who use their creativity and people who don’t.

Brené Brown


I want to show you the value of embracing your creativity. You can have a huge impact on your surrounding when you know yourself and your strengths and utilise them creatively. The impact is even bigger when you inspire and enable others to create too.

How do you start to embrace your creativity?

I have crafted the CREATE model to help you lead creatively in all spheres of life. You don’t need to have a leader title to lead creatively in your surrounding. When you unleash the CREATE energy and mindset you will be guaranteed to have a lot of fun. And that is infectious. You will get your team and surroundings to work with you.

Are you ready to join me?

To become a creative leader you have to take the six steps to creative leadership:
1. C – curiosity
2. R – respect yourself and others (will too)
3. E – ease and effortlessness
4. A – attitude and acceptance
5. T – take opportunities
6. E – enable

The steps to becoming a creative leader are not necessarily taken in chronological order step-by-step linearly. Many of the steps are advancing in parallel and the progress can be seen before you are “ready” with all these steps. Creativity and innovation are complex and I am saying that you have it in you. With this model, I am helping you to find your way of creativity.

In the following blog posts, I will guide and support you on your way to becoming a creative leader. 

The main points are:

  1. You have creativity in you.
  2. You have something special to give your community and organisation.
  3. You can control the telling of the story of your life.

Are you ready to join me on the joyride of creativity?


When life doesn’t go according to your plans, it might end up becoming something far more interesting than you knew was possible.

Maija Fast - CREATE

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

With creative greetings,


Maija Fast is an author, speaker and certified business coach (ACC, ICF) who is on a mission to give creativity and creative people the value they deserve in working life.

CREATE book launch by Maija Fast

CREATE book launch by Maija Fast

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