Please meet the artist: RASALIINA SEPPÄLÄ

Rasaliina Seppälä’s warm and deep paintings with Finnish forest animals are exhibited in Gallery Fast Creative from January 18th to May 10th, 2019. They are available for purchase through Gallery Fast Creative art shop.

We had a very cozy opening of the art exhibition Friday January 18th 2019. Gallery Fast Creative in the beautiful How Violins boutique has become an animal fantasy world. Rasaliina Seppälä’s beautiful paintings with Finnish forest animals are accompanied by Krista Marleena’s ceramic spirit animals. The event brought pleasures for all senses: visual arts, music by Nana yhtye and a delicious pop-up restaurant.

Rasaliina Seppälä is an artist, inspired by the influence colors and shapes have on the observer. She wants to awaken a feeling in people. Her project for 2019 is to explore the power of art and nature as a tool for helping to cope with chronic pain. Her own experiences and interviews have shown that nature is an impactful pain reliever. She wants to connect that with art. Her paintings are a harmonious combination of abstract, spiced with something representational. She is painting with pigment powder and oil on thick 3d surfaces.

“As an artist I am interested in colors, harmony and the reaction of people. How a small thing can result in a big reaction. My paintings are a harmonious mixture of abstract spiced with something representational. With the colors and shapes I want to get my pieces to talk and communicate with me, as well as with other people. My purpose is to create warmth and empathy. I feel I have succeeded when a piece touches a stranger. A piece does not tell one story, but it can open up a story for each individual.

Art and creativity is a powerful way to deal with the darkest moments in life. A piece of art can be both to the artist and the observer freeing and therapeutic. Sensitive and touching.”



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Rasaliina Seppälä

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