Butterfly Bay

By Paula Pitkänen

I was invited to create an exhibition at Gallery Fast Creative. During this exhibition, Butterfly Bay, there will also be events such as a wedding and a book launch, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. My artistic process is intuitive. When I invited thoughts of a loving wedding atmosphere, the works began to fly with the wings of birds, fairies and particularly butterflies.

Throughout the summer, the theme grew more and more around butterflies, and the final theme of metamorphosis began to appear in several paintings. I feel that metamorphosis is related to spiritual growth, the end of the larval stage; self-discovery and re-birth, not to become someone else, but to grow as a human being. "Learning to Fly" has been my motto in life for more than a decade. Finally, my wings start to get stronger, also in my paintings.

I am grateful to Maija Fast for inviting me to be part of this beautiful story with my art even though the schedule was exceptionally tight. Creating this exhibition has been an energising journey also for me as a human being and artist. I hope that these pieces of art will also get the viewer's mind to fly into positive moods and higher heights.

- Paula