Please meet artist LIISA RASINKANGAS

Liisa Rasinkangas’ art exhibition opened in Gallery Fast Creative September 1. 2018. It can be seen there currently. The art is available for purchase through Fast Creative Art Shop.

Liisa Rasinkangas is a talented and creative artist, who has developed her own way of creating intuitive art without blocking the mind with expectations and beliefs. She has found a way to paint faster and with intuition built on the base of a well-refined way of painting.

“The more intuitive way of painting gives space for the mystery to step into the game and you can get a peep into the unconscious.”

Liisa’s artistic work combines many elements. She does her own free painting, but paints also intuitive soul pictures and empowering goddess paintings of women on request. She organizes empowering workshops for women and leads courses in intuitive painting.

She graduated from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences as artist in 2011.

Liisa has been painting in many Fast Creative events. She brings a beautiful, light and creative energy with her.