Please meet the artist: KRISTA MARLEENA

Krista Marleena’s amazingly characterful spirit animal statues and decorative pots are exhibited in Gallery Fast Creative from January 18th to May 10th, 2019. They are available for purchase through Gallery Fast Creative art shop. Notice that you can purchase now, but you can get your spirit animal after the exhibition is over.

We had a very cozy experiential opening event Friday January 18th 2019.
Gallery Fast Creative in the beautiful How Violins boutique has become an animal fantasy world. Krista Marleena’s spirit animals are accompanied by Rasaliina Seppälä’s beautiful paintings with Finnish forest animals. There was once again pleasures for all senses: the visual arts, music by Nana yhtye and a delicious pop-up restaurant by Urban Bakery Helsinki.

Krista Marleena is a soulful ceramics artisan from Finland. For her art and creativity is a connection with the invisible, the other worlds, the spirit of animals and the archetypes, mysticism and overflowing love. Krista Marleena sees her work with clay as a way to bridge the worlds while also at the same time staying deeply rooted in the earth.

 “My journey with clay began in 2008 after a long period of darkness and feeling lost in myself, in my life, and in this world. Creativity helped me to embrace the darkness and the light and to find a new way to relate to life. Over time, connection with clay and my own creative soul became the door of healing for me, and helped me to find the potential and the wholeness that was already within me.

 For me, creation always comes out of the unknown, from a place of pure potential, where everything is waiting to be discovered and brought to the world. It is from this fertile space that my art emerges, where I am able to connect with and be guided by soul. My relationship with art and creativity is magical, earthy, deep, and mysterious. It is never about perfection or “getting it right,” but about the sweet, untamed, innocent, alive perfect imperfection of the creative process. 

 It is a challenging path, to be sure, but endlessly rewarding, filled with discovery, opening, and love beyond worlds.

For me it is Home.”

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Krista Marleena

Gallery Fast Creative