Leading Creativity through Public Speaking

What’s the story of your life that you want to create? Maija will be your guide for your journey to find your unique approach to creativity and leadership.

  • Do you want to take yourself, your team and your organisation to the next level and want to find tools to do that?
  • Are you frustrated that day-to-day creativity and innovation are not championed although they are touted as strategic objectives?
  • Do you want to be able to be your authentic self at work and embrace your strengths?
  •  Do you want to become resilient, innovative and flexible to be able to navigate with inadequate information?

Creativity helps you navigate uncertainty and embrace opportunities. The brave leader of today is compassionate, vulnerable and inclusive.

Maija can support you, your team and your organisation to become the creative drivers of your surrounding. You don’t need to have a leadership title to be a creative leader. You can become an inspiring leader in all areas of your life: work, family, friendships and community.

The CREATE book and ®CREATE model Maija Fast crafted will be the guide for your journey, harnessing your creativity. Maija is an inspirational speaker and storyteller. She is a facilitator of growth and she has the skill of coaxing out the creativity innate all of us. 

Maija combines her knowledge and skills from multiple fields in international leadership roles, her creative projects and bringing people together into a creative playfield which is contagious. 

Contact Maija for a quote for a public speaking gig or training for your organisation. 


BCI Change Masters Keynote

Maija Fast is having a Keynote in the Change Masters seminar January 18th. More about Maija’s presentation here.

Author & Public Speaker

Maija Fast

Maija Fast is the author behind Create. She is an inspirational enabler, catalyst and connector who sees possibilities everywhere. Her multi-disciplinary work internationally addresses the needs and potential of human creativity. 

She gathers together passionate people with different skill sets to create something unique. She has exhibited the art of several female photo artists, ceramists and painters. She has been invited to speak at international seminars, events and university lecture series. Her passion is to support people and organisations to thrive.

Both in her roles as a mother, speaker, gallerist and community activist as well as in her work as a coach and leader, she focuses on listening and supporting. Maija is an enabler of growth, noticing elements within and coaxing out the creativity innate all of us.

Maija has held several leadership roles, been part of seven leadership teams and has led networks and associations for more than 20 years in multiple fields and organisations both internationally and in her native Finland. Maija inspires individuals, organisations and open networks to think outside the box and innovate. 


Maija is an inspiring speaker and performer. Her practical examples help to understand the significance of creativity in life, and its importance in working life.
Her CREATE framework helps everyone to enhance and explore their own creativity.

I highly recommend Maija as a speaker, especially for businesses that aim to support individuals in adapting to changes or challenging situations, approaching problems from different perspectives, and generating new ideas that can promote positive change.

– Jenni Rantanen, Commercial Manager

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Crack the Cast –

Become the Creative Leader You Want to Be


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CREATE book launch by Maija Fast

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