Creatures of Nature Photography and Floral Art

by Mikaela Holmberg and Päivi Lehti

The unique art project Creatures of Nature combining floral art and photography is exhibited in Gallery Fast Creative 16th August 2019 to 30th January 2020.  This production tells about a seamless collaboration between two artists: photographer Mikaela Holmberg and florist Päivi Lehti. The beautiful portraits of girls wearing symbolic flower headpieces are exhibited in a fascinating milieu together with the beautiful handmade stringed instruments. Also six of the incredible Botanical Couture headpieces from the portraits will be exhibited together with the portraits. 

The opening event of this art exhibition will take place Friday 16th August at 6 pm. Together with the art we offer music and food. Päivi Lehti will have a floral art show making small floral headpieces to two modelling girls at the event. 

“Young models wearing nature, in forms of symbolic flower headpieces, crowns and accessories made of plants, represents that the young generation have the keys to prevent global warming in their hands if we just let them. The young worries about their future, will planet earth survive the way we are treating her?  We are all creatures of nature and we need to respect the beauty and life surrounding us. We need nature more than we realize.

All the headpieces were designed for the model in question. And in the spirit of the theme all flower headpieces are made of leftover flowers and plants, no materials were bought just for the pieces. Recycling and reusing flowers unsellable for clients, and using existing materials was key.”

Mikaela Holmberg


Mikaela Holmberg, is an internationally awarded photographer based in Hämeenlinna. Mikaela was born in 1981 in the archipelago of southern Finland. She has worked as a full time photographer for over 15 years and specialises in Fine Art -photography. Mikaela has a signature moody and painterly style that has developed during many years and follows the classic timeless feel of old masters paintings.

Päivi Lehti


Päivi Lehti, born 1978, is an awarded florist based in Hämeenlinna. Her professional intrests are to showcase the diversity of the floral craftsmanship in Finland. Her passion is to create beautiful pieces of artifacts that are underestimated or moderate. Finnish nature and materials are big sources of inspiration to Päivi. Päivi is currently studying to become a Master Florist.


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