Become a Creative Leader through Coaching

What’s the story of your life that you want to create? Maija will be your guide on your path to finding your unique approach to creativity and leadership.

  • Do you feel that you have more to give than your organisation is ready for?
  • Are you frustrated that day-to-day creativity and innovation are not championed although they are touted as strategic objectives?
  • Do you want to be able to be your authentic self at work and embrace your strengths? 
  • Do you feel that you are not creative, but want to tap into your unique approach to creativity?

Creativity helps you navigate uncertainty and embrace opportunities. The brave leader of today is compassionate, vulnerable and inclusive. Are you ready to look yourself in the mirror and start your transformation?

The CREATE book and ®CREATE model Maija Fast crafted will be the guide for your journey, harnessing your creativity. Maija uses these as a base for the coaching journey. You can become an inspiring leader in all areas of your life: work, family, friendships and community. 

The CREATE coaching journey consists of 8 coaching sessions (1,5 h) and the CREATE book and workbook. Maija takes a very limited amount of clients. Book a discovery session to find out whether we are a good match.

Coaching languages: Finnish and English 



Maija has the whole package. She understands artists, personal development, business development and human psyche.

She kept me right on track. Really encouraging  and also challenged me with difficult questions exactly when needed. At the same time she can provide insight and directions when I needed that more than coaching.  I highly recommend Maija for women entrepreneurs, artists or those who are not that conventional and feel a normal coach just can’t help you.

– Shanshan Gong, Entrepreneur

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Become the Creative Leader You Want to Be


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CREATE book launch by Maija Fast

CREATE book launch by Maija Fast

The book launch event of Maija Fast's CREATE Crack the Cast - Become the Creative Leader You Want to Be took place in the violin shop gallery on January 27th 2023. The event was a huge success with the art exhibition opening of Jenni Emilia, music by Nana Yhtye and...

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Imagine Music by Dasha Pears

Imagine Music by Dasha Pears

The Imagine Music art exhibition by Dasha Pears opened with a very special event. We had the pleasure to enjoy probably the first ever catwalk fashion show in a violin shop by the very talented Juulia Peuhkuri. Juulia's dresses were featured in Dasha's Imagine...

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Creatures of Nature exhibition

Creatures of Nature exhibition

The beautiful Creatures of Nature art exhibition was opened with a warm event Friday 16th August. Creatures of Nature is collaboration between two artists: international award winning photographer Mikaela Holmberg and award winning floral artist Päivi Lehti. They work...

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