Creative Doer.


Fast Creative is Maija Fast, who has energy as in a small factory. She has moved statues, colored neighborhoods and people’s lives. Maija is constantly connecting people and helping them see themselves. Maija has brought together people in tens of events. She has been invited public speaker and lecturer and written articles and columns. Maija was also nominated as The Most Positive Citizen of Helsinki 2015 and was 3rd in the competition.

Maija has experience in demanding leadership, HR and communications positions internationally and she shuttles gracefully from start ups to corporations and open networks. Maija is Master of Social Sciences, Educated Teacher and Certified Business Coach. 

Maija’s greatest drive is to help people shine. She wants to show people the beauty of themselves. She spreads her bubbly excitement in the hope of making the world a better place. 

Maija is a great kick starter, endless source of creative ideas and she is awesome at gently kicking asses. She dreams big, takes action and fulfills her dreams and she will help you to fulfill yours.


2017 – Today

Fast Creative

Owner, Gallerist, Certified Business Coach & Creator of Experiences

2019 – Today

Bird & Bird

HR Manager

2016 – 2018


HR Manager

2012 – 2018


HR and Recruitment Manager for Azets customers in advertising, design, energy, IT and law sectors

2009 – 2011

Reval Hotels 

HR Director

2005 – 2008
2002 and 2004


HR Development and Communication

2003 – 2004

University of Helsinki

Project Planner and Project Coordinator 



Seeing you shine drives me forward. I believe that the best you can offer your children, partner or employer is a happy you. 

Dance with your fear and jump – You will fly.
                                                                      – Maija