Fast Creative is the creation of the energetic Maija Fast. Fast Creative brings together people with passion and varied skillsets to create something unique.

Gallery Fast Creative was established in the cozy violin boutique How Violins in central Helsinki. We organize unforgettable events to spice up the everyday life of people.

Fast Creative has an extensive network of artists, designers, musicians, coaches, marketing and communications professionals, HR professionals, academia, start ups and corporations that we co-operate with and connect together.


Fast Creative brings passionate people with different skillsets together to create something unique and unforgettable. Maija has been the creator and main organizer of two Children’s Dream events with 2000 participants. She has organized and hosted tens of seminars, panel discussions, parties and events. Maija has also organized several unique events in cooperation with How Violins. Now she brings all that experience and skill together in Fast Creative.


Gallery Fast Creative is located in How Violins cozy violin boutique on Mechelininkatu 28 in central Helsinki. It is a beautiful space where the art and the hand crafted instruments create a harmonious wholeness. How Violins is a welcoming livingroom, where people can come in and feel seen and heard and sit a moment in peace. We organize multidisciplinary events when launching  the art exhibitions. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a unique setting for your art.

Public Speaking

Maija has been invited lecturer and public speaker at the University of Helsinki, in international seminars, panel discussions and co-creation events. The focus of topics have been: inspiring people; creating networks; communication; carreer planning and finding your own inspiration and how to create a life that is pleasurable and giving. She brings a colorful and energetic vibe to any event.


Maija has written many articles and columns and is also a published author; “Facing Conflicting Pressures. Young Educated Women and Competition Society.” Helsinki 2006, TANE-julkaisuja No. 8, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland, Council for Gender Equality.

Maija loves to write and dreams of writing books for adults and for children.