The CREATE creative leadership coaching programme application form


Do you feel that you have more to give than your organisation is ready for? Are you frustrated that day-to-day creativity and innovation are not championed, even though they are touted as strategic objectives? Have you been welcomed into organisations with open arms, only to face resistance when you start to bring transformation to the table? Have you changed jobs many times, thinking that the problem is you, only to see the same pattern repeat itself? If you answered yes to any of these questions and you feel especially tempted to find out more, this could be for you.


Maija Fast: Creative HR Leader, Certified Business Coach (ACC), Author of ‘CREATE’ (2023) and ‘Age Diversity for Success’ (Ikädiversiteetillä menestykseen, 2023), Speaker, and Gallerist. Maija is passionate about giving creativity and creative people the value they deserve in working life. She believes that there is creativity in all of us and that unleashing it, especially in fields not usually seen as creative, can move mountains.

WHAT? An intense coaching programme for those who want to develop and thrive as creative leaders. You will:

  • Find your unique style of creativity
  • Learn to respect your strengths, earning the respect of others in the process
  • Lead the people around you creatively
    The programme includes eight 1-2-1 coaching sessions of 60-90 minutes each, spread over approximately two months, a personality profile and validation session, and additional materials including the ‘CREATE’ book and workbook.

Notice that I only take one or two coachees at the time. You can apply at any time by answering the following questions:

Maija will accept a maximum of two coachees at once. She will get back to you once she has reviewed your application. During a discovery call, we will mutually evaluate if we would be a good match. Maija will then decide whether you are the person with whom she wants to embark on this coaching journey.

Join me on the joyride of Creative Leadership!