Please meet the artist: Johanna Souru

Flower Power: Sparkling into Bloom

Johanna Souru’s delicately fragile flower paintings are exhibited in Gallery Fast Creative from 11th May to 15th August, 2019. A selection of the beautiful paintings are are available already now for purchase through Gallery Fast Creative art shop. The rest of the art will be published in the art exhibition opening 11th May at 14-17. Notice that you can purchase now, but you can get your piece of art after the exhibition is over.

Johanna Souru is an Entrepreneur, Art Director and Brand Designer. Her journey to entrepreneurship and free creativity is born through a brave and curious exploration to meet herself. Art and painting has composed the creation of a life that feels and resonates with her true visions.

Johanna found her way back to painting after a ten-year break. By painting, she found a channel for herself and a new spark to life.

“For me, painting is about feeding creativity and strengthening my intuition. By repeating the same shape and flower theme, I deepen my growth constantly. It’s mirror of myself that gives new dimensions through a familiar and safe reflective surface. The cycle of life and constant change becomes rhythmic surfaces and images. Contrast between the fragility of the flowers and the structures fascinates me. Surprisingly deep and interesting stories are behind the superficial beauty.

With my art I want to share beauty, inspire others to find their passion and sources of joy. Let everyone flourish in their own way !”