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"I believe that photography is much more than gear and technical perfection. It’s a means of making an impact on the world around you however big or small. 

For me, there are 3 main components to photography as art: meaning, feeling, and aesthetics. This is why I emphasize all of them in my work and this is what I teach to my students: how to create meaningful authentic work, that’s both emotional and aesthetically appealing."    - Dasha Pears

Imagine Music

Fine Art Photography

By Dasha Pears

Dasha Pears is a surrealist fine art photographer and educator living in Helsinki, Finland with her two little daughters. She was born in a relatively small town in central Russia.

Photography is Dasha´s medium for expressing herself and communicating with the world. Dasha Pears´unique art exhibition Imagine Music is created in collaboration with How Violins violin shop and Gallery Fast Creative. Mostly the instruments used in the images are from the How Violins violin shop. The art exhibition is especially designed for this unique violin shop gallery space and will be exhibited there from 31.1.-15.5.2020. The limited collection is available through Gallery Fast Creative art shop.

An interesting event inspired by Dasha´s art is organized with the art exhibition opening. Juulia Peuhkuri´s dresses are seen in the images and she will put up an exclusive fashion show in the violin shop gallery. The Imagine music will of course also include music by Nana yhtye and the Greek couple Chrysa Panayiotopoulou and Thanasis Gotsopoulos. Furthermore Pavluu pop-up restaurant brings us colourful tastes.

Dasha Pears inspiration to the art exhibition:

"What makes you change your mood in seconds? Not so many things in life have this power, but music does. Music creates an atmosphere. It has the power to deepen or even transform our visual experiences. It speaks directly to our emotions and can change them in seconds.

Music is even more powerful when we observe its effect on the imagination. Music builds imagination and creativity. When we see pictures - our imagination does not get stronger, however, when we close our eyes and hear a sound, our imagination can go wild and create all sorts of things.

This project is an attempt to imagine music in visuals, a take on what is going on in a musician’s and listener’s minds and souls while a melody is played and heard. Each image is inspired by a particular music piece and reflects the photographer’s emotions while listening to it."