Manuela Bosco – Talk to Us About Love May 2018

Manuela Bosco art exhibition Talk to Us About Love was exhibited in Gallery Fast Creative 24.5.-20.6.2018 and was available for purchase through Fast Creative Art Shop

Talk to Us About Love was a tribute to love. Holy spaces and buildings: temples and cathedrals, midsummer magic, garden parties with friends, oriental living rooms, and bodies of beloved ones tied into a tight knot with each other represent a home of the soul, where the most holy is present.

Manuela Bosco is a Finnish-Italian artist, actress and former top athlete. She has two degrees in art, one in art theory from Jyväskylä University and one in performing art from Rome. She thinks that real art is something that you do not learn technically, but is given to you as a gift through surrendering and opening up. When her first child was born she got a strong internal need to paint. That changed the direction of her life and she is now focusing on painting for her living. 

 ” The most beautiful in life is Connection, without it we don’t have anything. That’s what my art speaks about.”